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When it comes to cleaning up sustained water damage problems, at Water Damage Denver, we provide many different types of services for both commercial water damage problems as well as residential water damage problems.

Devastation is the common theme when a flood or other type of incident causes property damage. It’s bad enough when there is a loss of irreplaceable and personal times. Things can quickly become overwhelming once the costs of restoration and cleanup is beginning to be calculated. Our company has experience in all aspects of water damage repair, this includes working with your insurance company to process the paperwork for your water damage claim.

Flood Water Extraction

Water damage and flooding is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Denver. Serious damage can be caused by even minimal amounts of uncontrolled water. Under certain conditions, what starts out as the smallest drip of the bathroom or kitchen faucet, that has never overflowed can become a pool in the room and sometimes even the whole house. Black and gray water are the two traditional categories flood water is placed in. Outside water, like raw sewage and streams, falls into the black water category. Water from sinks, toilets, dishwater, and all water that comes from your unit is called gray water.

Signs Your Home Is Being Damaged By Water

There are many indicators of water damage in Denver, although building visibility is the most common. Peeling wood surfaces, rusted pipe, cracks in foundations, short electrical circuits, and mosquitoes are all signs water damage is present. The worst signs of prolonged water damage exposure are things like algae beginning to form, mold, substantial humidity increases, wall stains, and dampness. If you are experiencing any of the signs previously listed talk to an expert today.

Where Do These Damages Come From?

Pools of relatively clean water can be caused by busted faucets and busted pipes that were forgotten to be turned off before a trip. This creates a need to have a simple cleaning procedure of thoroughly cleaning the area quickly enough before mold has a chance to set it. Unless, that is, you have a outside source of water like a storm that has brought water in from close by rivers or reservoirs. If this is the case, than a further problem of contamination could be present. This can make the water clean up job of pathogens that can cause illness from bacteria in the water and on the ground from rodents, and animal wastes. This makes the job much more serious. Both short and long term health problems can be caused by industrial chemicals that have seeped into the property, like pesticides, oils, and fertilizers.

Precautions You Should Take

Water Damage Denver cautions you to be careful upon entering a property that has been affected by flooding and water damage, no matter the source. Depending on the extensiveness of the damage, a call to a professional restoration company is a good first step before going back to the home or commercial building affected. Before inspecting a building affected by water damage, be aware of any downed power lines and make sure to shut-off any power before you go into inspect a building. If you must do not hesitate to call emergency personnel for help getting any animal or person inside the building. The most important issue is always everyones safety.

What Services Do We Provide in Denver?

Our company is proud to offer you a solution for both Commercial and Residential customers. We are happy to service you and provide you with the best solution you can get. water damage denver coFor all of Denver Colorados restoration needs and in multiple offices across the Denver area, we look forward to servicing you.

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