Denver Art Museum

Denver Art MuseumThe Denver Art Museum is one of Colorado’s most important natural history museums. Founded in 1893 and still one of the leading art museums in the West Coast region, the Denver Art Museum almost doubled its gallery capacity when the new Frederic C. Hamilton Building joined the complex in October 2021. The renovated museum space and state-of-the-art exhibition planning services have been recognized by the National Association of Broadcasters and photographers of Television. This is a great credit to the hard work and commitment of Denver Art Museum curators, administrators, and employees.

The goal of any museum is to display objects, collections, or information that will attract people of all ages to its walls. In other words, the Denver Art Museum is a perfect host for various kinds of art objects. Many of these are on loan from other museums and others are on permanent display in the Denver Art Museum. A great example is the permanent exhibition sculptures by renowned British artist Sir Edwin Lutyens. Representing the works of a famous artist who settled in Denver in the early part of the twentieth century, these large and lifelike sculptures are on display in two separate locations within the Denver Art Museum.

Another group of Denver Art Museum visitors are the enthusiasts of the fine art, textile art, and jewelry. These are two major categories of the Denver Art Museum’s holdings. There is an extensive collection of paintings ranging from the renaissance periods to modern art. In addition to this, there are also impressive collections of pottery, metalwork, textiles, glassware, and jewelry. These valuable collections showcase the work of talented artists and craftsmen who are featured in the Denver Art Museum.

For art lovers who want a taste of culture and contemporary design in their homes, there is the Denver Art Museum located downtown Denver. One of the key attractions of the museum is the Courtyard Gallery, where there are exhibits and special events. The gallery houses many exclusive art collections such as Oil Paintings and Ceramics, Prints and Drawings, Modern Art, and Music Collections.

For art collectors, there is another great choice of art museums to visit in Denver. The Museum of Contemporary Art is Denver’s version of a Midwestern art gallery. This museum features collections from all over the world. It was founded by Frank Stella and features contemporary art that he has collected over the years. He has also created some of his own collections. The museum offers both public and private gallery experiences for those interested.

Most visitors to the Denver Art Museum will end up at the Children’s Museum of Colorado. Here, children can explore the wonders of science, be amazed by the planetarium, and take part in hands-on science activities. This museum is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, and adults. Other great museums to check out in Denver include the Mile Hi Museum, Denver Zoo, Denver Art Museum, and Denver Zoo Family Theme Park.

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