Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic GardensThe Denver Botanic Gardens is a large public botanical garden situated in the Cheesman Park district of Denver, Colorado. The museum is composed of four large greenhouses which allow visitors to view a large range of plants. The gardens vary in size and theme. At the gardens there are a number

of beautiful flowerbeds, fruit trees, shrubs, and aromatic plants. The Denver Botanic Gardens has been listed as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The park’s aim is to restore ecological balance and restore ecological communities by integrating plant life into the environment.

The Denver Botanic Gardens was founded in 1873 by H.H. Cheesman. Several other botanists joined Cheesman in establishing the Denver Botanic Garden. A canal ran through part of the park. This canal connected the gardens to downtown Denver.

In the early years the gardens were established to serve as a research center. It is still doing research today. The main focus of the gardens was providing a habitat for a number of rare species of plants and animals. This meant that the gardens had to be tended to very carefully. They took care that deer, bears, and coyotes were not able to access the park.


Today the focus is on education. There are two main areas of Denver gardens. The first area is devoted to educating the public about plant life. The gardens educate both children and adults about the delicate environments around us. In addition, the gardens teach environmental science. This science is important to our community today because we need to know what we are doing affect the environment.

The second area of the gardens is the Basket Family Gardens. This is an area planted with a variety of native plant life. It is maintained by a custodian that has an ecological garden guide. This guide is available for anyone who visits the gardens. These gardens were created to restore and buffer the natural biodiversity in our local area.

Many people visit the gardens to enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful setting. They can go on walking tours of the gardens, or they can sit in chairs in the shade of an awning. They can get out of the brisk evening heat and enjoy a cool drink, a good book, or the gentle caressing of a doormat. Or they can sit beneath a grapevine and watch a humming bird feed. Whatever they want to do, they will find it in these living walls. Denver Botanic Gardens is alive with nature, a living green wall of flowers and plants that bloom and thrive.

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