Museum of Nature & Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science was founded in 1963. The Museum’s permanent collection consists of an astonishing selection of terrestrial and aquatic life forms. This natural history museum is one of the foremost natural history museums in the United States and one of the world’s top natural history museums as well. In addition to collections of life forms, the Museum has dedicated collections of artifacts representing human culture and society. A visitor will be awed by the diversity of life that can be found here. You will delight in seeing the various types of animals, plants, insects, and minerals and salts.

Denver Museum of Nature Science

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has been granted a number of national and international awards, including being among the top five natural history museums in the US. There are numerous planetarium exhibitions held here each year. Some of the popular exhibitions include Earthworks, Denver Science Connections, Denver Area Bronco Exhibitions, Denver Science Fair, and Denver Bridges and Coaster Collections. At these various exhibitions, a number of planetarium displays are also placed. A person may even get to witness a rare animal or an amazing insect up close.

In addition to the permanent exhibits, the museum has a few temporary exhibits, which it offers to maximize attendance. These include such welcome displays as the Insect Walk, the Denver Zoo Gardens Express, and the temporary exhibit of the Viking Ships’ Passage. The Insect Walk is an intriguing way to feed hundreds of hungry insects a day. It’s quite an experience to watch a huge variety of flying creatures congregate around your feeder.


The other new temporary exhibit at the museum is the Insectronome, which allows visitors to watch an actual insect being scanned using an X-Ray machine. This is the only one of its kind at the museum and people who are brave enough to brave the radiation will find that it is exhilarating. There is also the Escape from Pompeii exhibit, which allows visitors to step outside of the museum and into the camp of ancient volcanic lava. The display features several different forms of life, from tiny Protorial sandworms to huge Wasps and hornets.

Outside of the permanent exhibits, the museum has a number of interactive exhibits that welcome people of all ages. These include a Space Shuttle simulator, a laser-lightlight show, and a simulator to explore how space shuttles will sound like in space. There is also a nature trail complete with a hiking path and water fountain. There is also a Safari West section at the base of the Rocky Mountains, where visitors can feed monkeys, enjoy live entertainment and search for elk, bighorn deer, and wild animals.

For more information on Denver Museum of Nature & Science temporary exhibits, visit the museum’s website. To receive a free gift, join their Friends of the Earth program. Free admission to Denver’s summer concerts is also available. To learn more about gifts and promotions, please visit the museum’s website. One lucky individual who becomes a member of the Friends of the Earth program will be given a free month long pass to the museum, which also includes two free tickets to the featured concert.

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