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Residential Water Damage Cleanup: If your home has suffered water damage, this will inevitably mean that you will need to hire a water mitigation or water removal company to remove any standing water and remove any masonry or drywall that may have been damaged. Professional water mitigation and water removal services will safely remove all water-damaged surfaces and dispose of them safely. Some water-damaged surfaces may require temporary covering or camouflage to prevent the spread of mold. Water extraction service companies can also help you clean up your flooded basement.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration: If you are a business then you may also need to hire professional water damage restoration services to remove the water from your building following an unexpected flooding or leak. Your business premises can be severely damaged if water has penetrated the ceiling or walls of your building. It’s not possible to completely clean up the water yourself, which is why it is important to call in a professional water mitigation and removal company. After the water is removed, you should check your ventilation system and gutters to ensure that no other water is leaking into your building. Professional water damage restoration companies can also inspect your windows and doors to determine whether they have sustained damage, as well as removing cushions, furniture, carpeting, drapes, wallpaper and any other items that could be damaged.

When hiring a water mitigation or water removal company, it is a good idea to keep a few things in mind. The most important thing to remember is never to attempt to remove any water yourself. This is especially important if you have just used fire damage restoration services. Professional water mitigation and removal companies have the right equipment and know how to remove the water safely without causing structural damage to items such as drywall or framed walls. Make sure that you contact a water damage company within 24 hours of noticing the leak or flooding. The sooner the water is removed from your premises, the more effectively the water will be removed.

Once the water is removed from your premises, call in a professional contractor to finish the job. Some of the steps that a contractor will take include; removing the water from your home using high powered vacuums or water extraction units, drying your home using ultra violet light and/or drying equipment, repairing any damage to carpeting, drywall and/or wallpaper, removing personal belongings, disinfecting carpets, walls and ductwork, and installing a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture. A dehumidifier will eliminate the stagnant water in your home and will replace it with humidity-free air. A professional water mitigation and removal company can also install a new heating and cooling system if needed.

One of the worst water damaged problems that can occur in a home is mold growth. Mold can grow anywhere that there is water or dampness and this can cause health problems for anyone living in the home. Professional water mitigation and removal companies have the experience and equipment to completely clean up mold growth in your home and to prevent it from returning. You can learn more about the clean up process if you click here.

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